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Green lacewing adultAnswers to your biological pest control, organic pest control, and integrated pest management questions can be found here. As more and more people are turning toward sustainable solutions and biological pest control methods, we see a need for more and better information. Using the wrong product or the wrong approach for a biological pest management solution can turn people away for years. provides you with the resources to help you make the best choices when it comes to your integrated pest management needs.For over 20 years we’ve been setting the standard for natural pest control and supplying solutions to people in horticulture, agriculture, and even to those who toil in the garden. Are you finally ready to let the insects take care of their own?

Good Bugs Rule!

<em>Phytoseiulus persimilis</em> for spider mite controlUse the menu above to find natural solutions (beneficial insects and other biocontrol products) for your pest problems.
If you are new to natural pest control, the section “Learn About Biocontrol and IPM” will introduce you to “the Greenmethods”, give a brief history and explain about Integrated Pest Management. It also includes a Glossary and Required Reading section .
Use the “Plant Pests” section to learn about the pests and how to control them.

Neoseiulus (Amblyseius) cucumeris for thrips control

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