SuffOil-X, Spray Oil Emulsion Insecticide, Miticide, Fungicide

SuffOil-X® is a unique concentrate of pre-emulsified, highly refined, high paraffinic, low aromatic oil. It is the ideal choice for effective insect, mite and disease control in a broad range of greenhouse, nursery and vegetable crops.
SuffOil-X®’s pre-emulsification process breaks down the oil particle, reducing the droplet from 700 microns to approximately 50 microns (1/14th its original size). Emulsifiers are then added in the final step of the manufacturing process. The small oil droplets assure that a very thin, uniform coating of oil is applied to the plant. SuffOil-X® is highly effective at smothering and killing pests while maintaining plant safety.

SuffOil-X® Benefits

• Effectively controls a broad range of insects, mites and fungi – including powdery mildew
• Suffocates eggs, larvae, nymphs and adult soft bodied insects and mites
• Uniform coverage to suffocate pests without causing burn or stress to plants
• Works well in high or low pressure spray applications
• Excellent compatibility with pesticides labeled for use with oil
• Penetrates dense spots in plant canopy
• Does not require rigorous agitation to maintain homogenous mix and stay in suspension
• 4-hour REI; OMRI Listed
• Poses few risks to people and many beneficial insects, allowing it to integrate well with biological controls

Advantages of Pre-Emulsification

Mixing: SuffOil-X® dilutes with water easier and more thoroughly than other horticultural spray oils. Hard water is not a problem for SuffOil-X®.
Stability: Even after dilution, SuffOil-X® won’t separate for many hours in a spray tank. The stable emulsion of SuffOil-X® is long lasting, ensuring that the spray application is consistent from the beginning of an application to the end.
Reliability: SuffOil-X® applications are more uniform than conventional oil emulsions that break apart causing the oil to separate and float to the surface of the tank. This uniformity greatly reduces the chance of plant phytotoxicity and improves its effectiveness.
Safety: Because it is manufactured using the finest oils and emulsifiers, SuffOil-X® does not risk your crop by using heavy oils known for their phytotoxic risk. The unique formulation of SuffOil-X provides excellent coverage and durability with little risk of plant damage.


SuffOil-X® used alone, or in combination with other products is a highly effective control for a broad range of insects, mites and fungi – including powdery mildew. SuffOil-X®’s mode of action is primarily through the suffocation of eggs, larvae, nymphs and adults of soft bodied insects. Additionally, it does not allow fungal mycelia to attach to the leaf and interferes with the transmission of plant virus by insect transmission. SuffOil-X® controls a wide variety of mite and insect pests such as:
• Adelgids • Aphids • Armored scales • Cankerworms
• Eriophyid mites • Leafhoppers • Leafrollers • Leaf tiers
• Mealybugs • Plant bugs • Psyllids • Soft scales
• Spider mites • Webworms • Whiteflies


SuffOil-X® is compatible with most commonly used insecticides and fungicides. Read and follow all precautions and limitations on labeling of all products used in tank mixtures. Do not use in combination with or immediately before or after spraying with fungicides such as Captan™, Folpet, Oxythioquinox (Morestan™) or any other product containing sulfur. Also do not use with Carbaryl (Sevin™) or Dimethoate (Cygon™). Do not use with any product whose label does not recommend the use of oils. Do not use in combination with NPK foliar fertilizer applications.

Rate Recommendations

SuffOil-X® is labeled for use on a wide variety of crops within these categories:
• Field crops, Flowers, Foliage plants, Greenhouse ornamentals, Ornamentals*, Shade trees, Shrubs, Small fruits, Tree crops, Vegetable crops
*Oil might remove the glaucous (blue) bloom from such evergreens as Colorado Blue Spruce and Koster Spruce. Use with caution and reduced dosage for summer applications on Japanese Red Maple, Amur Maple and Black Walnut. Use with caution and reduced dosage for dormant application on Sugar Maple and Redbud.
Mix 1-2 gallons of SuffOil-X® per 100 gallons of water. Most mature trees will require 20 to 500 gallons of spray solution per acre. Row crops generally require 20 to 100 gallons per acre.
Apply as needed.
Note: SuffOil-X® cannot ship to AK, DC, ND, NV!