About Us

GreenMethods.com was acquired from The Green Spot Ltd. in June of 2012.

For over 30 years Beneficial Insectary has been a leader in the production and application of beneficial organisms used in biological pest control and integrated pest management programs. Our growth is, in large part, through word of mouth. It is also due to distribution by other companies who rely on our quality.

As more and more people are turning toward sustainable solutions and biological pest control methods, we see a need for more and better information. Using the wrong product or the wrong approach for a biological pest management solution can turn people away for years. We provide you with the resources to help you make the best choices when it comes to your integrated pest management needs.

Whether youā€™re dealing with a fly fiasco on your horse ranch, an aphid attack in your orchard, or a spider mite mess in your vineyard, we can help with our line of biocontrol products and biological control methods. Through our retail website greenmethods.com, we provide a large assortment of beneficial insects from our own production as well as from other reputable producers and other integrated pest management products.

Satisfied customers are a key indicator of our success and the main reason we continue to grow. Once a tiny, family-owned farm, Beneficial Insectary is still family-owned but is now a multinational company. We still serve clients who helped with our start and we enjoy repaying their loyalty by meeting more of their needs. It really is a system; they learn from us, we learn from them, and we all enjoy continuous improvement in the world of pest control.

We welcome you and look forward to serving your needs by supplying you with excellent products and excellent service. Check back often as weā€™re constantly adding products to our product line.