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Thank you for visiting, the retail website for Beneficial Insectary, Inc. Answers to your biological pest control and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) questions can be found here. Whether itā€™s because of pest resistance, government regulations on chemicals, worker safety, or simply wanting to reduce or eliminate the use of harsh chemicals, more people are looking for alternative solutions for pest control. As such, the use of biological control has grown tremendously over the years, but there is a need for more and better information. Using the wrong product or the wrong approach for a biological pest management solution can turn people away for years. provides resources to help make the best choices when it comes to your IPM needs. For over 30 years weā€™ve been setting the standard for biological pest control and supplying solutions to people in horticulture, agriculture, and even home gardeners.

Good Bugs Rule!

<em>Phytoseiulus persimilis</em> for spider mite control

What is Biological Control?

Simply put, biological control (biocontrol) is using the natural enemies of the pests against them. These natural enemies can be animals such as insects or mites, or much smaller organisms like fungi or bacteria. With biocontrol, you are tipping the balance of the predator/prey interaction, so that the prey (in this case the pests) are eliminated entirely, or at least reduced to below economic thresholds. Keep in mind that in most cases, biocontrol works best when pest levels are still low. Prevention is the key. This isnā€™t to say that an active pest infestation cannot be controlled using biocontrol, but it can be more challenging.

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Neoseiulus (Amblyseius) cucumeris for thrips control


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