Feltiella acarisuga- Spider mite Control

Description and Lifestyle:

Feltiella is a species of beneficial midge native to much of the world.  The larvae are voracious predators of many spider mite species including the destructive carmine mite.

Females deposit eggs near prey mites. The eggs hatch within two days and the larvae begin to feed right away. All stages of spider mites are consumed by Feltiella. Larvae forage on leaves for prey. The four larval stages last around a week. After which, a cocoon is spun. This cocoon is attached to leaves, often against a leaf vein. One adult will emerge from each cocoon. Adult females will lay close to 30 eggs over a five day time span. The entire life cycle last between two to four weeks.

Feltiella acarisuga cocoon


Feltiella adults fly and are able to disperse well. They find mite spots for you. Each larva eat a lot of spider mites every day:  80 eggs; 30 mixed development stages; or 15 adults.

Feltiella works well in many crops, including tomato.


Feltiella comes in plastic trays containing 250 pupae.


Release Feltiella every week for at least six weeks, or until eggs or larvae are spotted.

Pierce or open the top of the container.  Place the tray near by spider mite spots.  Choose a shaded spot for the tray.