Important Shop Info

Ordering Details

To order you may call us at 800.477.3715, our telephone hours are from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm PST Monday through Friday, fax us at 888.472.0708, email us, order by mail, or order on-line. Whatever you’re comfortable with.

First, please bear in mind these important points:

  • If ordering by email, do not send secure information such as your credit card number. We will contact you by phone for that information.
  • Observe the ordering deadlines for timely shipments. The distribution of living organisms carries its own protocols.
  • Always provide your full contact details so we can get in touch with you if there’s a question.
  • Standing or pre-scheduled orders may also be placed ahead of time. We’re very reliable. Note: This is currently not an online shopping option.

Payment Options

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit/debit cards. When ordering online you may also pay by sending funds via your PayPal account.

Online Payment Service

Payment for offline orders may also be made by company or personal check. This must be sent in advance (and it must cover shipping) or you may be billed as we do offer limited credit to most commercial, academic, governmental, and institutional accounts upon request, pending approval. Purchase orders (PO) are generally accepted from these accounts (you may reference a PO number when ordering online if you are using a purchase card). Where it does apply, billing terms are 25 days, net, for those accounts, 15 days, net, for other approved accounts, and 30 days, net, for active distributors). Reasonable late charges will apply to delinquent accounts.

Our Guarantees

Live Goods

We guarantee the organisms we ship within the United States including Alaska but not Hawaii or the territories to arrive alive and capable of performing as advertised. Claims, if any, must be telephoned in as soon as possible with the suspect unreleased organisms close at hand and treated as if alive (they may need to be returned and we may want to ask you questions or try a few things). Most times they are “resting” and we know how to “wake them up.” Really. This guarantee is only available to those receiving their biocontrol product via a delivery means which results in an overnight-only transit period, whether the shipment is made by ground or air. There are a few exceptions to this: international shipments, including Canada, are not guaranteed at all. Please note: we cannot be responsible for live insect shipments left unattended by the delivery service. Please make arrangements as needed (ie. neighbor or delivery to work address) if you cannot be at home at time of delivery.

Other Goods

Guarantees of our IPM products offered by manufacturers will be extended where feasible, otherwise our standard guarantee is to allow the return of new, unopened, unused goods within a reasonable period of thirty days for a refund, credit, or exchange. Shipping costs are not refunded or credited. Exchanges, depending on the reason, may be subject to additional shipping.

Shipping Details

Online Ordering Information

Important: Online orders can be shipped to all US states except Hawaii. Other locations need to call to order 530.226.6300 or 800.477.3715. All orders will be billed a “flat-rate” based on a combination of product type and the zone to which it’s shipping. For example, order from one class and pay the flat rate for that class. Order from two and pay the flat rate for both. Keep reading to learn more.

Special Note: Biocontrols are considered special order items that are unique in many ways — such as being alive. There are special considerations when ordering this type of item. Please take a moment to be informed about these matters before placing a biocontrols order.


Biocontrols require an expedited shipping means. By default, UPS Next Day Air will be used but Fedex is also available.

Standing Orders

Please call us to arrange for standing orders.

Drop-shipped Items

Some biocontrols (ie. bumblebees) are drop-shipped separately and carry a separate shipping charge.


In stock hard goods will ship via UPS Ground, typically the day they’re ordered, unless it’s really late in the day.


Biocontrol shipments will normally go out Monday through Wednesday. If they cannot, for some reason, we will try to contact you with an update. There is an exception to this, though: If the scheduled shipping week coincides with a US holiday, an extra day will be necessary, which means many items will be delivered on Friday, without an update. Saturday delivery is available but carries an extra charge. Expect delays or interrupted shipping during the following weeks:

DateThe HolidayImportant Notes
January 1, 2018New Years DayWe will be closed. Expect some delays on certain products that week
May 28, 2018Memorial DayWe will be closed. Expect some delays on certain products that week
July 4, 2018Independence DayWe will be closed. Expect some delays on certain products that week
September 3, 2018Labor DayWe will be closed. Expect some delays on certain products that week
November 22 & 23, 2018ThanksgivingWe will be closed. Expect some delays on certain products that week
December 25, 2018Christmas DayWe will be closed. Expect some delays on certain products that week
January 1, 2018New Years DayWe will be closed. Expect some delays on certain products that week


Efficacy is not guaranteed and our recommended release rates are not concrete. User results will vary. Use of the biocontrols and IPM products is done solely at your own risk. Product manufacturer(s), insectaries, importers, shippers, distributors, affiliates, and associations will not and cannot be responsible for damages, direct or consequential, resulting from the use or handling of these products. The act of ordering serves as acknowledgment of this disclaimer and all sales policies.