Required Reading

If you’re exploring biocontrol and Integrated Pest Management (IPM), what follows are some books you should consider reading if you can find them. Everything is here except the hands-on experience.

Rodale’s Controlling Pests & Diseases

First Edition, 1994, Michalak & Gilkeson — ISBN: 0-87596-612-8. A weak source of information, but with some of the best photos out there.

Organic Gardener’s Handbook of Natural Insect & Disease Control

First Edition, edited by Ellis & Bradley — ISBN: 0-87596-124-X. A really complete guide. Everyone should have this title.

The Gardener’s Guide to Plant Diseases

First Edition, 1995, Pleasant — ISBN: 0-88266-274-0. If this book had photos it would be number one. As it is, still a great resource.

Natural Enemies Handbook

First Edition, 1998, Flint & Dreistadt — ISBN: 1-879906-41-4. A skinny book but packed with great info.

IPM for Floriculture and Nurseries

First Edition, 1998, Dreistadt, Clark, & Flint — ISBN: 1-879906-46-5. This one’s a fat book, and like the title above, it’s packed with an even larger quantity of great info.

Ball Field Guide to Diseases of Greenhouse Ornamentals

First Edition, 1992, Daughtrey & Chase — ISBN: 0-9626796-3-1. A very technical and worthwhile disease guide.

Pests & Diseases of Herbaceous Perennials: The Biological Approach

First Edition, 1999, Gill, Clement & Dutky — ISBN: 1-883052-20-3. So many great books out there… this is no exception.

Diseases of Annuals and Perennials, A Ball Guide

First Edition, 1995, Chase, Daughtrey, & Simone — ISBN: 1-883052-08-4. Another good disease guide. The photos are better in the other Ball guide mentioned.

Photographic Atlas of Entomology & Guide to Insect Identification

First Edition, 2000, Castner — ISBN: 0-9625150-4-3. This is an exceptional identification guide. Basic to somewhat complex… it covers the field well.

Ball Pest and Disease Manual

Second Edition, 1997, Powell & Lindquist — ISBN: 958-95951-0-3. A great pest and disease reference for flower and foliage crops. Used to be a first-read title.

The Bug Cards

First Edition, 2001, Hofer & Headrick — Item #B054. A small, handy but simplistic ID guide. Laminated, good for field use.

Ball Identification Guide to Greenhouse Pests and Beneficials

First Edition, 1998, Gill & Sanderson — ISBN: 1-883052-17-3. This is a really good book I was introduced to a few years ago. Valuable.

Common-Sense Pest Control

First Edition, 1991, Olkowski, Daar, & Olkowski — ISBN: 0-942391-63-2. Long touted as an IPM bible. No longer in circulation. A real shame.

Rodale’s Pest & Disease Problem Solver

First Edition, 1996, Gil&keson, Pierce, & Smith — ISBN: 0-87596-850-3. This book is a decent guide, but was redundant. The “Handbook” covers it all.

Biological Pest Management for Interior Plantscapes

Second Edition, 1987, Steiner & Elliott — ISBN: 0-919975-12-7. This title is out of print, but this little booklet was highly praised. Somewhere out there there’s a copy with your name on it.

A Guide to the Biological of Greenhouse Aphids

First Edition, 1981, Gilkeson & Klein — ISBN: unknown, sorry. Like the booklet above, this one’s from days of old, but really worthwhile.

What’s Eating Your House Plants?

First Edition, 1977, Jordan — ISBN: 0-87857-257-0. Basic. A beginner’s guide to insect pests.

Bugs, Slugs, & Other Thugs

First Edition, 1991, Hart — ISBN: 0-88266-664-9. Basic. A beginner’s guide to insect pests.

The Gardener’s Bug Book

First Edition, 1994, Pleasant — ISBN: 0-88266-609-6. Basic. A beginner’s guide to insect pests.

Rodale’s Color Handbook of Garden Insects

First Edition, 1979, Carr — ISBN: 0-87857-250-3 or 0-87857-460-3. Basic. A beginner’s guide to insect pests. Nice Photos.

Tropical Foliage Disorders

First Edition, 2002, Griffith — ISBN: 1883052-30-0. A guide to what’s ailing your tropical plants.

Grower Talks on Pest Control

First Edition, 2001, Blanchette — ISBN: 1-883052-26-2. “GrowerTalks,” growers listen. Another fine Ball title. A full look.

Compendium of Flowering Potted Plant Diseases

First Edition, 1995, Daughtrey, Wick, & Peterson – ISBN: 0-89054-202-3. Another good disease title. Specific to potted plants.

Compendium of Rose Diseases

First Edition, 1983, Horst — ISBN: 0-89054-052-7. Another good disease title. Specific to roses.

Foliage Plant Diseases

First Edition, 1997, Chase — ISBN: 0-89054-179-5. Another good disease title. Specific to foliage.

The Pesticide Book

First Edition, 2000, Ware — ISBN: 0-913702-63-3. What’s this book doing here? Oh, well, if you need info on pesticides…

Alternatives to Insecticides for Managing Vegetable Insects

First Edition, 1998, Stoner — ISBN: 0-935817-49-2. Outside the mainstream? This book may be perfect for you.

Rodale’s Landscape Problem Solver

First Edition, 1989, Ball & Ball — ISBN: 0-87857-802-1. A landscape specific guide. Not a bad title.

Rodale’s All-New Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening

First Edition, 1992, edited by Bradley & Ellis — ISBN: 0-87857-999-0. This is ancient and probably out of print. It was really a good book, though. Gave a broad view of everything.

Biological Control in the Western United States

University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources — Publication #3361. A UC title specific to Western states biocontrol and IPM.

Pests of the Garden and Small Farm Second Edition

University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources — Publication #3332. A UC title specific to garden and small farm biocontrol and IPM.

Pests of Landscape Trees and Shrubs

University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources — Publication #3359. A UC title specific to landscape biocontrol and IPM.