Due to COVID-19 the following items will need to ordered before Noon (PST) on Monday to receive the following week:
Aphidius Colemani/ervi/matricarie/aphelinus- AMX7
Aphidoletes aphidyimyza- AA2, AA10
Neoseiulus Californicus Sachets- CA1H
Diglyphus isaea- DI25
Feltiella acarisuga-FA25

Beneficial Insectary is now producing Dalotia (=Atheta) coriaria

Posted January 10th, 2016 by Beneficial Insectary

We are pleased to announce that Beneficial Insectary is now producing Dalotia (=Atheta) coriaria at its facility in California. Dalotia (=Atheta) coriaria, called ‘Dalotia-C,’ is available as a unit of 500, 1,000 or 3,000. Dalotia coriaria, also known as the rove beetle, is used for the control and management of several species of sciarids (fungus gnats) such as Lycoriella spp, Sciara spp, Bradysia spp. and Mycetophilidae family members, shore flies (Scatella spp, Ephydridae spp), thrips pupae (species like Frankliniella occidentalis also known as Western flower thrips, F. tritici a.k.a. flower thrips, and others which drop to the substrate to pupate, springtails (Collembola family members) and moth fly larvae (Psychodidae family).

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