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Feltiella acarisuga-FA25

Beneficial Insectary is now producing Orius insidiosus

Posted April 3rd, 2016 by Beneficial Insectary

We are pleased to announce that Beneficial Insectary is now producing Orius insidiosus at its facility in California. Orius insidosus, called ‘Orius-I,’ is available as a unit of 500 or 1,000. Orius insidiosus, also called the minute pirate bug, is an aggressive thrips predator – possibly the most effective. It attacks and kills all mobile stages of thrips, including adult thrips. Orius is a true bug, which means it has a long rostrum (feeding tube). It uses its rostrum to pierce its prey, and drain the contents, killing the pest.
A ‘generalist’ predator, Orius feeds on many pest species, such as mites, aphids and moth eggs for food. It will control thrips, and helps in the control of the other pest species.

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