Bombus impatiens – pollinating bumblebee hives


Natupol Excel: Consistent pollination
Natupol Excel Startup: Heavy/immediate pollination

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Release Rates for Bombus impatiens

ClassificationRelease Information
Natupol ExcelThis hive treats 1,000-15,000 square feet for approximately 9 weeks. This hive is best for greenhouses that have recently planted and need a consistent amount of pollination over the course of the growth cycle.
Natupol Excel StartupThis hive treats 1,000-15,000 square feet for approximately 7 to 8 weeks. This hive is most beneficial for use in greenhouses that need a heavy amount of pollination very quickly. Ideal for a greenhouse that is in or close to full bloom.
QuadsThis large outdoor hive treats up to 2 acres on its own or up to 4 acres supplementary.

Product Description

To properly pollinate certain greenhouse crops (like tomatoes, for example), bumblebees are a reliable and cost-effective solution. Back to Bumblebees…