ENCARSIAforce™ – whitefly parasite 50 per card (3,000/ 7,500)


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This is one of the original biocontrol agents, with a long and successful history of their ability to prevent and manage greenhouse whiteflies.Back to Encarsia…

Recommended introduction rates will vary depending on the crop species, as well as on the time of year and population of the pest, but a general recommendation is to release at the rate of 0.1 Encarsia per square feet weekly until adult whitefly are seen, and then increase the rate to 0.2 Encarsia per square feet each week. Monitor the lower leaves for the presence of black scales, and when 90% of those present are black, reduce applications. It is important not to remove the black scales before they have emerged, as much of the control relies upon the Encarsia that are breeding within the crop.

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