CHRYSOforce™ R – lacewing eggs on cards (5,000)


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Product Description

Green lacewings are aggressive predators of aphids and other soft-bodied pests. Eggs are good for prevention and maintenance. Back to CHRYSOforceā„¢ R…

Release Rates for Chrysoperla rufilabris

ClassificationRelease Information
Prevent1-3 per 10sq.ft., monthly, as needed
Low2-5 per 10sq.ft. bi-weekly, 2-3 times
Med4-8 per 10sq.ft., weekly, 2-4 times
High1 per sq.ft., bi-wkly, 3-5 times
Maint1-2 per 10sq.ft., tri-weekly, indef.
Garden60-90% of rates listed
Acre+20-50% of rates listed.
CommentsRates shown are for larvae. If youā€™re using eggs, multiply the calculated rate by five (5). If employing adults, divide the calculated rate by four (4).

Release rate suggestions on these pages are usually not sufficient for cannabis growers. For cannabis release rates contact us at 1 (800) 477 3715.

Each sheet contains at least 5,000 viable eggs on 30 segments.

Release as soon as lacewing larvae begin to hatch from the eggs.
Release in close proximity to pest infestations.
Hang the segments in protected areas out of direct sunlight.

Eggs will continue to hatch over a period of 24-48 hours.
Egg sheet segments can be moved to aid dispersal after about 12 hours.

Ant control is necessary for lacewing to be most effective.

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