A.colemani/A.ervi/A.abdominalis/A. matricariae mix – aphid parasite (750)

Posted September 13th, 2012 by Christen Smith


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Product Description

Target 25% of all aphids in one shot. Purchase a mix of 250 A.colemani, 125 A.ervi , 125 A.abdominalis, & 250 A.matricariae Back to Aphidius & Aphelinus…

Release Rates for Aphelinus abdominalis

ClassificationRelease Information
Preventative2-5 per 100 square ft., weekly
Hot spots10-25 per 100 square ft., weekly
Overnight shipping required.
Order by Thursday 2PM PST to receive the following week.
Will ship Tuesday's, Wednesday's or Thursday's.
This product is affected by US holidays.

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